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Cultural and creative industries
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На платформе online.hse.ru курсы доступны для студентов вузов-партнеров НИУ ВШЭ. Индивидуальные слушатели могут изучить курс на платформе Coursera по ссылке https://www.coursera.org/learn/cultural-creative-industries?

О курсе

Main objective of this course is to trace the development of the Cultural and Creative Industries as an idea and as concept and to identify the key points of changes within it in relations with contemporary digital connected world. Another important task of this course is to provide the deep understanding of the difference between cultural and symbolic meaning products (such as films, recorded music, book and periodicals, online media content etc) and other kind of goods. 


Курс включает в себя 8 недель обучения.


Main prerequisite to this course is to be able to produce analytical texts in humanities. Normally the course addresses all students of master level interested in peculiarities of media and cultural economy and management. This course is strongly not recommended for those who:

• Analyse any market or industry only in microeconomic terms (supply and demand, level of competitions etc). This course is not about market but about peculiarities of symbolic goods;

• Try to interpret culture only in terms of marketing and management (i.e. culture is considered like a simple good to be sold to the consumer). This course considers it more broadly like a human agency to produce meanings of everyday life. That’s why cultural goods are different and can not be interpreted exclusively in terms of consuming and need more or less state support;

• Try to interpret culture like pure “art” and consequently are absolutely not preoccupied by organizational aspect of its working.  

Результаты обучения

This course will help you to: 

• Identify main peculiarities of cultural and symbolic goods in their difference with other branches of economy in terms of production chain, risks, relationship between different stages of production. 

• Be able to analyze cultural products and symbolic goods from the organizational, economic, business model point of view

• Be able to invent new business models and analyze cultural products in terms of their productions risk 

• Be able to analyze cultural policies and creative industries/clusters policies

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